About Us

Ducon Petroleum emphasis on high quality, well engineered lubricant products. Structure office at Rajasthan and corre. office in Pune, our team of professionals serves our customers in the Asia Pacific region. Products are manufactured from world class faclities as per National & International standards and ISO 9001:2015 norms in India. which is designed with flexibility to customize to customer requirements and we are bounded for quality assurance.Our services include customer, technical & logistics support, formulation development and laboratory analysis.

The structure of Ducon Petroleum that gained strength through its domestic sales network. Company has planned to export its products to foreign countries in future. Our true worthy policies visions will help us to become a worldwide brand.

We are a leading supplier known for reliability in delivering lubricant products. Come and experience how our lubricants give you improved performance; prolong equipment life by protecting your equipments.

The products meet several latest national & international performance specifications such as API, JASO, ACEA etc., other than OEM credentials. The blending facilities for Ducon Petroleum adhere to highest standards and are ISO 9001: 2015 certified.



An Ducon Oil brand with a reputation for Performance, Value and Reliability.


Our Products: To provide high performance, value-for-money and reliable products.

Our Sales: To increase sales from satisfied customers.

Our Services: To customize services to meet customers’ needs.

Our People: To lead the organization with a competent and responsive management team.


We believe in Reliably providing our customers with good performance products at a price Level considered as ‘Value for Money’. with today’s technology developing rapidly requiring engineering performing lubricants, WE are committed to meet industry demands with a range of products that is technology led. Giving our customers ‘Value for Money’ continues to be our company’s core value. This enables our customers to be more competitive using the full set of benefits from our competitively priced products. In addition to supply high quality base oils and additives to our associates.

We believe that more important to this hardware is our people who are responsive to our customer needs and are willing to customize our services. We believe in strong win-win partnerships with our suppliers and customers. We are committed to creating for our staff a working environment that improves continuously and is innovative.
Company Philosophy and Strengths
Innovation: Always on the lookout for emerging technologies and new materials to stay ahead.

Continuous Improvement: Dedicated to R & D.

Flexibility: Prompt & responsive in meeting customer needs.

Form Alliance with Customers: Understand and work with customers to provide customized services.

High Quality Standards of Products & Services: Decrease downtime, extend life of major capital assets and reduce cost associated with heavy fleet and equipment maintenance.

Total Customer Support: Experience team of professionals offering product selection, product knowledge, training and logistics support.

The wide range of products and Ducon Oil’s being one of the few high quality, well engineered lubricant products & Service provider are the strengths of the company. For the automotive sector, we provide motor oils for commercial and passenger vehicles, and gear oils, greases, motorcycle oil, tractor oils for agricultural and construction equipments. We also provide oils for the machines used in light and heavy industries.

Together with our broad product range, efficient and fast service we provide for our customers highlight the difference of Ducon Oil. Product quality and customer satisfaction can be listed among the basic principles of the company whose success lies beneath its innovative feature.

Best Services
Customer Support 95%
Automotive & Industrial Solutions 90%
Customer satisfaction 98%
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