Development Trading Area

Ducon Petroleum (P) Limited has formed strong partnerships and relationships with global market leaders in the energy trading sphere globally. Ducon Petroleum (P) Limited  specialises in international energy trading and has an extended global network encompassing most of the recognised participants in the industry from leading Trading companies and small independent refineries, producers and traders.

Key Activities:

  • Trading and Supply of oil and refined petroleum products.
  • Direct supply of the full product range from crude oil and other refinery feed stocks to refined products, including: Gasoil, LPG, Naphtha, Mogas, and Fuel Oil as well as Bio-Fuels.
  • Physical Oil & Gas Trading, matched by activity in the swaps market to counter balance the price volatility.
  • Exploring asset acquisitions in refinery processing, storage facilities, pipelines and shipping.
  • Exploring Renewable Energy financing and PPP opportunities.
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