Message from the Chairman’s & Director’s


Welcome to DUCONOils®, to a world of technology, innovation and sustainability for all Petroleum & Petro Chemical products needs. We are more than just a supplier of Gas , Lubricants , Greases , Fertilizers , Petroleum & Petro chemicals (LPG/ LNG/ /JETFUEL A1 / D6- VFO/ D2 / EN590 -10-50-500 PPM / AGO/ GASOLINE / UREA/ DAP / NPK etc ). In fact, we see ourselves as a consultant to help our customers increase their profits.

DUCONOils® at the source of all energy flows on Earth. We dispense energy wisely and effectively over the globe every day using our knowledge and logistical networks.

DUCONOIL provides services to the global energy markets, trades petroleum and petrochemical goods, and ships energy products globally. National, international, top industrial, chemical, and global majors are just a few of our clients.

By locating and controlling the transfer of energy through the necessary infrastructures, we are able to provide the customers with the goods they need on time, within the specified specifications, and at the greatest price. We take responsibility for being aware of the Risk in energy management. We need all of our partners throughout the energy chain to operate their assets in accordance with worldwide HSE standards. Plans created and established by DUCONOIL as a service provider and Business Associate to represent all international oil and gas service providers in.The highest standards of corporate governance and a commitment to professionalization are valued by DUCONOIL, who is also completely committed to these issues. DUCONOIL team is made up of exceptional sales professionals with extensive oil and gas industry experience and education, as well as knowledgeable technical experts.

DUCONOIL concentrates on the trading of oil, gas, fertilizers, and derivatives and offers assistance and services to all worldwide when required. Many thousands of people’s lives are profoundly impacted by the choices we make, both directly and indirectly. The culture of DUCONOIL is built on the principle of service. Our employees are expected to conduct themselves with a high level of personal integrity on an individual basis.

As a group, we make an effort to follow and create international best practice. The safe and responsible marketing of commodities is our main priority. In addition to making a consistent, positive contribution to responsibly promoting trade, we also work to avert and reduce any unfavourable repercussions of our operations. A requirement is upholding excellent standards throughout the Group. We control a wide range of intricate operational and monetary hazards. Consistent standards can be applied thanks to integrated systems and processes.
We now know how to function well in a variety of political and cultural contexts. Corporate responsibility necessitates transparency and engagement. This can take a variety of shapes, from being transparent about financial performance to fostering deeper stakeholder engagement to enhancing, monitoring, and reporting on our performance both internally and externally. To build our company in accordance with society’s constantly changing expectations, we are working on a number of fronts.

For those of you who are searching for the truly unique organization to service your needs and provide you with measurable value, DUCON Oil is your Board. Please give us a call today and let us show you our proven approach to improving your bottom line.

Thank you for choosing DUCON Oil

MESSAGES FROM the Chairman’s & Director’s

Our commitment to cater to customer needs and a desire to develop new products. It has helped us increase the number of satisfied customers over the years.





Mr. RAM SOLANKI, CEO & DIRECTOR of the company is a BBA and an MBA has more than 5 years of rich experiences with Lubricants /Petroleum products/D2/DS/JP-5/MAZUT/GASOIL/GASOLINE etc. Highly motivated, top producing Sales Director with a proven track record of sales and profit growth in the highly competitive industrial & Automobile Lubricants. In addition to Directorship duties he currently leads DUCON Oil Industrial & Automobiles efforts in India and Abroad too, he work across regional boundaries to facilitate sales successes beyond the scope of my stated area of responsibility. Good at building teams & partnership Strong business awareness and acumen, Sound industry & competitor intelligence knowledge, Ability to deliver under most difficult circumstances with a strong eye on cost management.

 Ability to infuze vision & passion not just in direct but indirect teams, strong at distributor & Channel management along with inter functional management expertise. Successful track record of handling large geographies, teams, tumover & budgets 

DUCOND, it is today an international operating corporation and one of the world’s leading developers and supplier of industrial lubricants and lubrication systems

MRS. PREETI SOLANKI, Managing Director of the DUCONOIL is in-charge of the day-to-day affairs. She is a young and dynamic businesswoman with a wide vision in developing and marketing products for the lubricant market and related products. For us at DUCON PETROLEUM PVT LTD, progress comes with motion which leads to energy that gains growth. We have always been especially committed to the well being of the people and the progress of our region. We believe that reliability, honesty and close contact with customers, suppliers and employees are essential for the sustainable growth of our business. Being a Businesswoman we are effectively utilizing female employs as part of our organisation. When women are empowered in the management, the likelihood of success and growth improved Positively





Mr. BASIM MOHSIN KAITTAN, GENERAL MANAGER of the company is a Business Administration master HOLDER university of Baghdad, has more than 16+ years of rich experiences in All Petroleum products like D2/D6/ JP -54/MAZUT/GASOIL/CASOLINE etc. furthurmare, He is Consultant member in ministry of petrol(marketing comity for petroleum products SOMMO), ex Agreements audit comity member in SOMMO.ex Opic consultant. Highly motivated, top producing GM with a proven track record of sales and profit growth in the highly competitive Oil & Gas. A Broad background in Management, sales and marketing and high level negotiating skills with extensive international networks Corporate Philosophy Aims to company of high social contribution with customers’ unswerving loyalty based on credibility and trust for the new century. 
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