Introduction & Organization


We are a Ducon Petroleum (P) Limited, Company with extensive local and international experience in Oil & Gas and Marine sectors. Our global working experience extends to the geographical areas of Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Ducon Petroleum will be Trading Gas (LPG &LNG, D2, En590), Petroleum and Petro Chemical products in which Ducon Petroleum will act as seller for the end buyer and purchase Petroleum and Petroleum products (Jet fuel A1, D6, JP54, D2 UREA, DAP, and other petrochemical products) from the established Russian refineries and Non Russian Refineries directly through allocation and allotment of petroleum from the refineries.

DPPL are private companies established in Udaipur Rajasthan of Ministry of Corporate Affairs in JUNE 2017 in INDIA.

DPPL has consolidated experience in trading, operations, chartering, logistics, storage, refining, and financing, trading in excess of 40 million metric tonnes (MT) of crude oil, petroleum product, and gas.

Ducon Petroleum has good experience in this Petroleum and Gas field. Together we have over 15 years of experience in the field of Oil and Gas. Currently Ducon is also in Lubricants business as manufacturer and seller.

Headquartered in UDAIPUR – RAJASTHAN – INDIA (IND), we have offices and presence in more than 15 countries. More information can be found at our websites : &

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