DUCON PETROLEUM FRANCHISE? Ducon Oil Franchise is the Exclusive Lubricant & Spars Shoppe of Ducon Oil Product of range . Sales & Marketing of all Ducon Oil products will be done through only Franchise in that particular area. Ducon Oil franchise has rights to do retailing as well as wholesaling in that particular area. Ducon Oil Franchise has the legal agreement with company for his exclusive identity . There is no any bounding of TARGET to Ducon Oil Franchise. We offer the special pricing for Ducon Oil franchise . Company will appoint only one franchise in each District and one CNF agent for each state. Company wants to increase customer base through Ducon Oil Franchise in pan India. Sale products through our channel partner only.


Company will raise extra discount 2-3% on overall bill amount before taxes to the franchises bills at the end of the month for marketing expenses. like front Glow sign board and Vertical Flex boards, these boards will be property of the Company.

Ducon Oil Branding will be done on frontage of Sales Counter and paint your shop - front shutter only as per agreed sales volume.

Visiting cards format for Franchise will be provided by the company and francise have to print the same.

POP material will be provided by the company on monthly basis as per company policy.


Two days immediate marketing by company person in association with franchise after the inauguration.

Company executive will prepare the Marketing plans for promoting our brand in their Zone with the help of Franchise team & visit franchise place regularly.

Branding & market activities will be done by the company on time to time as per market requirements.


Area of operations will be finalized at the time of appointment and the Franchise will do business in that prescribed area only.

To start the franchise minimum volume will be 5000 ltr -8000 ltrs and further expected volume could be minimum 5000 ltrs per month.

Franchise business will be on Cash and Carry / Advance Payment basis.

Franchise has to sell all product range of Ducon Oil i.e. DEO, PCMO, MCO, Gear oils, Greases, Hydraulics, Industrial Lubricants and specialty Products as well new added products time to time.

Franchise may sell other products but focus should be on Ducon Oil product of range.

Goods once sold will not be taken back in any circumstances.

All orders will be accepted by mail or in writing .No orders will be accepted on oral basis.

One blank security Cheque of firm (no personal cheques) will be required to start franchise business.

Franchise should have all legal registrations like VAT, TIN, CST and all other local permissions.

Freight from Factory to Franchise Go-Down will be on To- pay Basis.

Franchise will have Exclusive Identity in the allotted area.

Franchise should do the business in allotted area only.


Ducon Oil Franchise shop should be easily visible to consumers and should be located in related market; size of the shop should be minimum 10 x 10.

Ducon Oil Franchise should provide internal furniture like Sales Counter, Computer, Computer table, Racks to store various sizes of Ducon Oil Products.

Floor should not be damaged and always neat and clean, preferable floor mat of sky blue colour.

Internal color of Ducon Oil Franchise should be, walls- Dark blue, Ceiling- white.

Franchise should have sufficient financial backup to operate the business.

Franchise Form
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